Actually no, you should never touch a vinyls playing surface and if you do you should immediately clean it with a vinyl cleaner (never use a tshirt or cloth unless it’s a proper vinyl cleaning cloth) if you touch the playing surface bodily oils will be transferred to the surface of the record, this will make the sound quality bad and also oil will attract dust and if dust gets on the surface it’s basically ruined, also it’s not hard to ruin the groves because they are so small and scratch easily. Another thing you shouldn’t do is stack records because they are made of PVC which is a softer form of plastic and records can warp and then they are destroyed because they won’t sit flat and the grooves will warp. Also don’t drop records into the sleeve, they should be placed carefully because if you drop them eventually the cover will be ruined, also a cheap record player (such as a crosley) will ruin records. This is what annoys me most, people buy records to look cool and they spend heaps of money on records too make themselves cooler, they then buy a cheap crappy player but they don’t know how to properly care for records and what’s the point in spending heaps of money on records if you are going to mistreat them honestly I think people need to reasearch things like this ???

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  • 31 August 2014
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